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Final Statistics: Alex & Maz Total distance: 93,550km
Furthest Point: Rotorua, NZ Now settled in Sydney, Australia
Final Statistics: Martin Total distance: 79,698km
Furthest Point: Hobart, Australia Now settled in Bristol, UK


Written by overland-underwater team. Uploaded 7 March 2005.


As we progress along our route this table will be kept updated to record the types of breakages that we have encountered whilst on the road. Hopefully it doesn't grow too quickly or get too long...!!

Toyota Garages Visited or Passed By (GPS: WGS84)

Turkey (Diyarbakir): N37 56.022 E40 11.803
Egypt (Cairo): N30 03.773 E31 16.903
Egypt (Cairo): N30 11.071 E31 27.975
Pakistan (Islamabad): N33 42.310 E73 05.074
Pakistan (Karachi): N24 50.102 E67 06.555
Pakistan (Lahore): N31 32.665 E74 19.217
India (Delhi): N28 39.577 E77 08.847
Nepal (Kathmandu): N27 41.353 E85 21.068
China (Lhasa): N29 38.863 E91 01.656
China (Kunming): N25 03.211 E102 40.757
Laos (Vientiane): N17 58.342 E102 37.344
Thailand (Nong Khai): N17 52.638 E102 44.502
Thailand (Sukhothai): N17 01.253 E99 49.297
Thailand (Bangkok): N13 37.873 E100 35.368
Cambodia (Phnom Penh): N11 33.795 E104 52.897
Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur): N3 07.357 E101 44.294
Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur): N3 06.722 E101 44.682 (Fully Equipped 4x4 workshop)
Indonesia (Manado): N1 29.261 E124 50.975
Indonesia (Makassar): S5 08.181 E119 26.286
Indonesia (Surabaya): S7 14.222 E112 43.238 (Prima Offroad)

As you can see the majority of breakages are occurring to the 'under-carriage', which isn't too surprising considering the load we are carrying and the state of most roads we're driving over!

List of breakages encounter whilst on the road


  1. Tinfish started the trip with an odometer reading of 177,571 km
  2. K58 NVG started the trip with an odometer reading of 151,503 km
  3. All cars were fully serviced and prepared as best we could before leaving
  4. We are keeping the vehicles regularly serviced whilst on the road.
  5. We are carrying a selection of service parts.
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Comment from john ellis
hi sounds like you all have a good time on and off road,just read your breakdowns,you should open a 4x4 workshop when it is all over .good luck,hope you will stop in whangarei when you are in nz,great diving at the poor knights islands .
14 Dec 2006 @ 03:36:43

Comment from Jason
Hey guys! Greetings from Canada!! Just caught wind of your adventure; most impressive and commendable! My father and I have purchased two 1990 VX-80 Cruisers our selves, and thoroughly enjoy them. Your adventure has certainly re-affirmed the sturdiness and the reliability of this series. Having read your maintenance records it seems you had few, although some steady problems(punctures, brakes, bearings). Well, considering the stress of the roads and the load that you must be dealing with; these issues are tough to deal with in certain parts of the world, but not catastrophic. Best of luck on the remainder of your journey! Wishing you well and safe travels!


P.S. Keep up the updates. Land Cruisers of Canada are cheering you guys on!!
20 Jan 2007 @ 04:27:31