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CARE responds to the earthquake disaster

Written by Alex Towns. Uploaded 15 October 2005.

Being remote from communications we have only just caught up with the recent tragic events in Pakistan and India. Shocked by the widespread effect of such a disaster which affects so many communities, we wanted to let you know how CARE is responding with their relief effort. With our scheduled visit to Pakistan followed by India now only 5 weeks away, it really brings this disaster into focus for us.

PLEASE - If you have been thinking off making a donation towards the earthquake relief you can help CARE in it�s excellent work by clicking on the �donate online� button to the left - NOW. Here you can securely pledge online any money you can spare to directly assist CARE in helping these communities who badly need our help.

The overland-underwater team thank you all for your kind generosity.

The latest Press Release from CARE International:

ISLAMABAD - Saturday's earthquake has caused even worse damage in Pakistan and India than initially feared, according to CARE International.

The first findings from assessment missions sent into the affected areas are just arriving to the CARE offices in Islamabad and Delhi. Casualties in Pakistan top 30,000 while more than 4,000,000 people are either injured or displaced. In India, the death toll has surpassed 600 and more than 200,000 have been affected by the earthquake.

Due to the remoteness of some affected areas and to blocked roads and communications failures, information on the damage is still incomplete.

CARE is rapidly mobilising staff and resources to assist the survivors:

- In India, the focus will first be on immediate needs - blankets, water containers and warm clothing. CARE is preparing immediate shipments of blankets and water containers by air to Jammu and Kashmir.

- In Pakistan, the main immediate needs are coffins for burial, winter tents, water storage containers and purification systems, blankets, hygiene kits, medicine, water and food. CARE's emergency experts from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and elsewhere in the region are assembling to assist in the relief effort. Our initial work will be with local partner organisations as well as in co-operation with other international aid agencies.

Learning from 60 years of disaster relief experience, CARE expects to work with the displaced, providing shelter and meeting other basic needs that are identified. Of special concern is the fast-approaching winter season, which is especially harsh in this part of the world.

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