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Final Statistics: Alex & Maz Total distance: 93,550km
Furthest Point: Rotorua, NZ Now settled in Sydney, Australia
Final Statistics: Martin Total distance: 79,698km
Furthest Point: Hobart, Australia Now settled in Bristol, UK


Written by overland-underwater team. Uploaded 7 April 2005.

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Alex, Maz, Max and Martin

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Comment from The Rust family -South Africa
Congratulations! Hope your last preparations go really well. We'll keep an eye on the progress once you start.
25 Apr 2005 @ 05:40:59

Comment from SteveP
Big mistake not going via my house, but still I expect you to have a great time.

Good luck with the swimming.
26 Apr 2005 @ 12:36:21

Comment from Cam & Lisa
Guys, what an adventure but typical of Maz and Alex. We are glad your road takes you past little old Adelaide and look forward to offering you a place to stay, shower, get smashed, whatever. See you soon!!
20 May 2005 @ 10:01:50

Comment from Clementina Ramos
GUYS BEST OF LUCKS! I only know Martin but if you are all going with him and he's going with u I'm sure it will be an amazing journey! Best wishes from Venezuela!
23 May 2005 @ 04:40:19

Comment from Oliver Tonkin
Good to see the website is up and running. I hope all the preperations continue to go ok, wishing you all the best and i'm sure the car will do you proud Martin. I'll be keeping an eye on your progress
16 Jun 2005 @ 01:05:41

Comment from Ian Eygelsheim
Best of luck everyone!! It looks like one hell of an adventure - Why didn't you do it in the S2000 Martin? ;)
21 Jun 2005 @ 20:36:46

Comment from Carol Green
Best wishes. If you take a wrong turn West instead on East, stop by - we're just outside DC.
01 Jul 2005 @ 12:59:53

Comment from Andy Aigner
GOOD LUCK to all of you! Special greetings to Martin - Thanks for the good times during business, now have fun and enjoy your trip! For sure I will follow your diary on your website!

Greets Andy Aigner, SUYIN
12 Jul 2005 @ 16:37:05

Comment from Jane Levesley
Siobhan has been kind enough to e-mail me your details - I'll be watching your progress with envy. I wish you good health, good speed, good tyres and lots of beer!!!!! Well done.
15 Jul 2005 @ 14:13:41

Comment from Penny Holmes
I also work in Siobhan's Chambers. What a fantastic opportunity. I am green with envy as I am now too long in the tooth for such an adventure! I wish you all the very best of luck. Take care of yourselves and enjoy! I shall be watching the journey with great interest.
15 Jul 2005 @ 14:46:44

Comment from Ben
Martin....have an awesome time old boy! Will be interested to keep an eye on your progress from the adventurous position of my office desk (exciting I know!!). As great as the s2000 is, i think it's a better idea to take the 4x4. Have fun and hopefully hear from you soon. Sant�. Cheers, Benny.
20 Jul 2005 @ 22:48:52

Comment from The Bell Family
Hi Maz & Co

The Bell Family hope that your final preparation are going well and that the adventure lives up to all your expectations. Keep healthy and safe. We will be following your progress and hopefully the children of Warsash will have far more exciting geography lessons than normal!! Have fun !!
26 Jul 2005 @ 14:10:17

Comment from NULL
Don't forget!!! If you need a backup, just let me know and I'll be in my way

Best of luck

Liam McGurrin
31 Jul 2005 @ 15:51:48

Comment from Zelda Glasspell
Heard your radio interview on Southern Counties. Sounds like it's gonna be hard work but the preps will have got you up to speed with the hard work i'm sure, and if the charity trips i've done are anything to go by you'll have a ball. Then bk for x-amount of yrs before you plan something else ;)

Have fun, enjoy the moments, the tough ones will prob last a v. long time and give you many laughs even if they don't at the time and i'll DEFINITELY be following your progress :))))))))))))))))))))))))))
31 Jul 2005 @ 20:42:55

Comment from ANTONELLA
good luck with your epic trip...we'll start our in a month time...see you whenever...great webpage

01 Aug 2005 @ 21:18:33

Comment from Chrissie S
Have a fabulous trip! I�ll be logging in for regular updates.....take care. Cxxxx
02 Aug 2005 @ 16:41:22

Comment from Alan & Linda Batt
Well you have started your epic voyage at last, the very best of luck to you all and keep safe!
04 Aug 2005 @ 09:16:03

Comment from Jim & Barbara
Good Luck - See you in New Zealand.

With our love.
05 Aug 2005 @ 09:30:11

Comment from Smithy
Good luck and Best Wishes. Have a really, really good trip and don't forget the souvenirs. lol I'll be watching you. See you in Australia. Hugs and Kisses, Katherine
06 Aug 2005 @ 06:41:18

Comment from jan willem
i wish you good luck.

Greetings from amsterdam
06 Aug 2005 @ 10:56:05

Comment from Mike Bradbeer
Alex, Max - So sorry I was unable to make the leaving bash - I'm sure you'll have an amazing time and we'll be glued to the Diary for updates over here! Take Care and Enjoy!
09 Aug 2005 @ 16:08:54

Comment from Alan Dupre
Good to meet you all in Slovenia at Lake Bled - hope you made it up the Vogel cable car, the view was amazing.

Keep safe on your trip,

11 Aug 2005 @ 13:12:43

Comment from Matthew
England 15degC, rain, Europe 30plus, sunshine. What are the chances of that?!
13 Aug 2005 @ 12:59:29

Comment from Paddy Callinan
Saw you pulling out of the bus station in Dubrovnik, you may remember a small white car beeping the horn at the traffic lights, you were going straight on I was hooking right:- Best of Luck, have a ball and raise a fortune
25 Aug 2005 @ 09:57:23

Comment from cor kater
Spoke one of you at Camping Peros in Zaton, Kroatie. Red about your trip and your target: Very Good. Will follow you now and then, and spread your site among friends for that target. Support will come for care international.

Good Luck and greetings,

Cor Kater
31 Aug 2005 @ 21:28:33

Comment from Carlos Ramos
Hi Martin & co.,

I've been enjoying quite a lot reading all of what you've come through so far. It's not the same being sitting on my desk here at Purple Labs when you are travelling halfway around the world!! Hope everything keeps going fine and hope in the future you think about another amazing destination: South America, specially Venezuela ;-)

Best of luck!!

06 Sep 2005 @ 19:27:27

Comment from Frazer Towns
Great to have managed to cross paths along the way and hitch a ride with you all to dubrovnik - couldn't have planned it better! ;) back to the grind in the grey for me for now but will be thinkin of every next exotic destination you'll be seeing along the way! best of luck with the travels, best of luck with the target and above it all - hope you have a ball! :)


11 Sep 2005 @ 22:22:50

Comment from Amanda Pyall
Good luck to you all, hope you're all still speaking to one another. What a great website, I'll keep an eye on your progress. Hope to see you in Singapore,


12 Sep 2005 @ 13:34:14

Comment from the O'Cardinal's pub at chambery
Just a big good luck for all.

Enjoy your adventur.

see you.


19 Sep 2005 @ 15:38:09

Comment from Thomas
Hi Martin & the guys,

just wanted to tell you I'm in Malaysia until mid-February, so if ever you should arrive here earlier, let me know.

Good luck with your trip guys.

Austrian Tom
21 Sep 2005 @ 03:48:24

Comment from Phatarinee
Good luck from Thailand, waiting for you here!
22 Sep 2005 @ 05:29:34

Comment from MARY
Hello everyone.I was very happy to discover,a few days ago, news of your fantastic adventure.I found it in the Red-sea Newsletter -www.red-sea.com I am so envious of your trip,I am enjoying all the stories.I am a Canadian but love Egypt especially Hurghada.I see you are in Sharm now, that should provide you with some good diving.When you reach Hurghada I believe you will enjoy not only diving but meet some great people.Wishing you incredible memories. Mary
28 Sep 2005 @ 01:30:35

Comment from Ren� und Katrin
We have seen your car on the 23 of september 2005 in Wadi Rum/Jordan. We wish you all the best and a very nice time!!!!!!!
06 Oct 2005 @ 20:21:35

Comment from Michael
you could imagine my amazement as i was about to jump into the 'Blue Hole' near Dahab, in Egypt whilst on holiday when two uk reg jeeps pulled in!

Well done guys and keep it up. Its something i would love to do.

Mike the admired!

07 Oct 2005 @ 13:10:12

Comment from micky
We (me & Tal) have met on the diving safari (king snefro 3). Great dives, but where are the photos?

Good luck with your journey

28 Oct 2005 @ 10:33:16

Comment from mohammad rasoul
i wish to meat you in IRAN ( KISH ISLAND )
05 Nov 2005 @ 08:09:40

Comment from David & Jenny Wilson
As your old next-door-neighbours,we have been keeping our beady eyes on you ever since you left last August. Is it really that long ago. Your new neighbours are very nice and looking after the property etc.

I understand from Nigel Hunton @ BOC that you are in their end of year Magazine.

Good wishes from all at Juniper Close.

David and Jenny
04 Dec 2005 @ 14:05:02

Comment from tahir rattvi
hello,i wish Alex, Maz, Max and Mattin safe, happy, and adventures journey from UK to New zealand. presently you are in my beautiful country pakistan and i hope you are enjoying their.so far you have not posted yours photos in your web but i have seen yours photos in other pakistani web site and belive me photos are adventures and beautiful if any body want to see them go to www.offroadpakistan.com.It's look great to see how members of off road pakistan recived you at Pakistan, Iran border called KOH-I-TAFTAN and escort you to karachi,Your journey from Iran border to karachi and route you took is new for many pakistani's and i my self never heard and not even seen any photo of that route before.thank you to show me my beautiful pakistan. TAHIR RATTVI from england
18 Dec 2005 @ 12:28:28

Comment from Tahir
LAST KNOWN LOCATION: 01:07 = GMT+5 (Pakistan time)

Fatmid Foundation Pakistan

32 G-Block Gulberg II Lahore, Pakistan, South Asia


I just saw these guyz Truck opposite to my office, checked their site n found their recent location was not updated; thought it be better for their safe, happy, and adventures journey from UK to New zealand to update that. May be its all i can contribute.....or .......maybe more.......we'll c.

Have Belief, Have luck.
21 Dec 2005 @ 08:07:22

Comment from Tahir
Last Known Position: 21 December 2005

Lahore, Pakistan Altitude: 706m

Latitude: 31 – 34 ’5” N Longitude: 74 – 21’ E

Days on the road: 142 Distance travelled: 29,904 km app
21 Dec 2005 @ 08:23:13

Comment from Vijay
GREAT WORK.... best of luck for your journey... i hope you people are having a nice time in my country, Pakistan. ... its nice to know that you ppl also visited my province, Balochistan.
24 Dec 2005 @ 23:03:57

Comment from Swanand
I just seen one of your car in my city, feel very great about your journey

Wish you a happy journey.



Nagpur, India
20 Jan 2006 @ 04:44:38

Comment from Jo Stewart
Been following your trip and it looks amazing. Bet Martin is dying for an ice cream....have a safe journey and I'll keep following your travels.
03 Feb 2006 @ 09:57:40

Comment from Andrew Louden
Max, received the remaining stuff. You're joining a great leg of the journey! Still got a few questions about dashboard switches. Let me know if this is the easiest way to communicate or should I simply email you? Great website. Best wishes to the "Overland Underwater" team from the "Cape Wrath to Cape of Good Hope" team. Cheers Andrew L.
23 Feb 2006 @ 09:09:44

Comment from Sergej Valerijev, Croatia
Hi people...

Find you very well!!!!

Take care of your self and all the best!!!!

01 Mar 2006 @ 14:55:43

Comment from ALIDA from Holland!
Hey Martin and Co. It's soooo extremely cool to follow all your adventures!! What an experience.. I would have loved to join'-) You still remember me right, Dutchy from Holland from Chamb�ry last year!!!

I am doin great. Almost ready to graduate from my bachelor in tourism management.. I am wondering if I can use some of the photos from the album? Iam doin an internship in Amsterdam for a tour operator specialized in far away destination. I make proposals for clients and it would be great to use some of your photos once in a while... Let me know!!

Take care and Good Luck!

Big Hug,

14 Mar 2006 @ 13:31:44

Comment from Jeff Zaiham
Great Job guys... contacting me.. I'll be sure to provide some assistance to you once you're here in Malaysia. As you know we Malaysians are nuts about TransContinental Overland Driving...we've been there, dona that and more... We have the resources to assist you here if you need anything for your vehicles...( the Rainforest Challenge is a great testing ground) and we've had our fair share on 20,000+km drives...

Still, I takes a lot of guts, and of course money to do all this... kudos, my hat off to you guys! And all for a very good cause. Hope to see you in Malaysia once you get here (14th May's the target right??) and I'll take you guys a round for a couple of days and meet the Malaysian 4X4 and Overlander's community doen in Kuala Lumpur (we have over 200 seasoned overland expeditionaires). Get a quick photo op at the Petronas Twin Towers, Putrajaya, Sepang F1 circuit etc and go off somewhere on an offroad forray... junt the knid of fun you're looking for right?..

Till then have a safe journey in Laos and Thailand.. (I amy see you there after all). Stay Safe, Stay Alert and Stay Cool..

Jeff Zaiham - 4X4 Adventure Club Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Off Road Explorer, 4by4.com.my, Driven Magazine
31 Mar 2006 @ 10:44:06

Comment from Jo
To Alex and Maz, was nice to meet you and hope u had a really good birthday in Patong! I think your trip is amazing and want to wish you lots of luck for the rest of the way. Love Jo (braided hair - in case you'v forgotten me!!)
29 Apr 2006 @ 15:28:11

Comment from DOC
Hi guys, its great reading your diary, i'm glad u are having fun and still glued to the tarmac, offroading in Malaysia now that will be testing the skills... but i'm sure by now Maz and Martin are trained to avoid the animal traffic...i'm not sure about Alex though... do put up some more photos we would like to see Nepal and China and how the Cruisers fared on the tracks. keep safe and smiling, lots of Love
12 May 2006 @ 20:13:38

Comment from Doro, Jupp and Monster
Hi from Hua Hin, it was nice to meet you again. We hope you could have bought some mirrors (maybe your own ones). We enjoyed Angkor Wat very much and now we are back in Thailand. We have been to Ko Chang, a very beautiful place, for diving but the weather was teribble and so we moved on to here.

Hope to see you again...Istanbul...Phnom Penh...Sydney?

Doro, Jupp and Monster
25 May 2006 @ 15:49:24

Comment from Myrna
Hey Martin!!! How are you!! Thailand looks amazing!! Love the diving video!! How are things? Have you clarified your plans for Australia already? I think I'll be going there too!!!

Take Care

Greetings Myrna (Your Dutch friend from hometown Chambery)
07 Jun 2006 @ 11:59:57

Comment from Sunny Gill
Hey Martin Met u Yesterday In Penang (Malaysia) All The Best For Your Trip!
17 Jun 2006 @ 10:24:54

Comment from Stuart Daly
Guys, saw the Cruiser parked up in Chomporn, Thailand.

Good luck with the rest of the trip. I have donemuch smaller trips (4 months around AUS) and know that it is one of the best things you will ever do

Keep Cruising!!
22 Jun 2006 @ 15:54:01

Comment from Razali
Hi Alex, met you with Jef in Al-KAffah Food Court, Bukit Antarabangsa, Malaysia. Wish all you well. If you guys intend to go to Borneo, and need some info, you know where to contact me.

Selamat Jalan.
05 Jul 2006 @ 08:13:20

Comment from Tomi Simola
I met Martin in Dili, East Timor. I'm doing my own "overland" trip to Australia, so I asked Martin to smuggle me in his car to Australia. We had no deal! :) I wish everything good for the Team!
10 Sep 2006 @ 05:57:02

Comment from Laura Alvarado
Hey guys, having an amazing time still I see. Met you all in Laos, Vang Vieng whilst we were on our travels Had fun jumping off the tree into the lagoon I remember near the caves. Wish you all the best of luck.
07 Oct 2006 @ 16:22:28