Egypt: Windows windows everywhere....

Window 1: First contact, but customs officer in a smart suit directs us to another window across the carpark :o(
Window 2: Produce paper work to window in far corner but don't have the necessary numerous photocopies :o(
Window 3: Escorted to photocopier window for lots of bits of paper to get stuffed into tatty folders, but don't have any Egyptian pounds so onto bank :o(
Window 4: Bank next door to change money :o)
Window 5: Back to photocopier to pay and pick up photocopies :o)
Window 6: Back to window in far corner to check that all copies are present and correct the sent to window around corner :o(
Window 7: Shuffles the paperwork in all the folders and get a stamp on a new piece of paper :o)
Window 8: Grubby oil stained man climbs under car and takes a rubbing of VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) :o)
Window 9: Car inspected by customs and papers/passport stamped :o)
Window 10: Over to first Carnet window, but don't have the right customs signature :o(
Window 11: Back to customs, but this time a new window in a different building for the signature :o)
Window 12: Back to Carnet window - process started but charged ~200USD customs for car and can't continue until they see a receipt :o(
Window 13: Back to Bank to change USD :o)
Window 14: Onwards to Customs payment window & get a receipt :o)
Window 15: Back to Carnet window 1 with receipt - but now need Egyptian license plates from Traffic Police before we can proceed :o(
Window 16: Traffic police first window who produce a bit of paper that needs completing :o(
Window 17: Second window along to fill in paper :o(
Window 18: Third traffic police to get a stamp... but no insurance so can't complete :o(
Window 19: Onto insurance window... but can't get insurance without Carnet (still being held at Carnet window) :o(
Window 20: Back to Carnet window 1 but won't give back until have license plate... but manage to negotiate an exchange of Carnet for Passport :o)
Window 21: Back to Insurance window with Carnet in hand for insurance :o)
Window 22: Back to Traffic Police window 3 for stamp - but now need to go somewhere else for something else, but get a bit lost :o(
Window 23: Find where we need to go, but need passport (now being held at Carnet window) :o(
Window 24: Back to Carnet window 1 for an exchange of Carnet for Passport :o)
Window 25: Back to the other place where something happens and we get a bit of paper which needs photocopying :o(
Window 26: Back to photocopy window but this time have Egyptian pounds :o)
Window 27: Back to Traffic Police window 3 and get stamp :o)
Window 28: Back to Traffic Police window 1 to show stamped bit of paper (apparently the Egyptian vehicle document which was very important!) and get license plates :o)
Window 29: Onwards to second Carnet window to show license plates and get more stamps :o)
Window 30: Back to Carnet window 1 to complete the Carnet procedure :o)
Window 31: Fit license plates & try to drive out but get shouted at from another window just before gate where we have to show all our paperwork :o(
Window 32: Almost there... just the gate house 10m from the previous window to again show all our paperwork :o(

....FINALLY AFTER 4 hours EGYPT...!! :o)

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