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Final Statistics: Alex & Maz Total distance: 93,550km
Furthest Point: Rotorua, NZ Now settled in Sydney, Australia
Final Statistics: Martin Total distance: 79,698km
Furthest Point: Hobart, Australia Now settled in Bristol, UK


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Arrive:Thu 29th Sep 05Depart:Thu 20th Oct 05
Days:21Approx km:2500
Capital: CairoCurrency: Pound (EGP)
Weekend: Thu/FriTime Zone: GMT +2
Int. dial code:+20Language: Arabic
Visa Required: YesReligion: Sunni Muslim, Orthodox (Coptic) Christian
Side of road:RightBest time to visit: Mar-May or Sep-Nov
Diesel Price: US$ 0.10Activities: Sightseeing, Ancient Ruins, Diving, Temples

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Photo Album for Egypt

Pyramids & SphinxCountry Highlights En Route

The Pyramids and Sphinx

The capital of the Old Kingdom of Egypt has some extraordinary funerary monuments, including rock tombs, ornate mastabas, temples and pyramids. In ancient times, the site was considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Temple of LuxorThe Temple of Luxor

Luxor Temple was built in the heart of the ancient city of Thebes, and was connected to Karnak by a 3km processional way lined with sphinxes. Karnak TemplesLike most of the Karnak complex, Luxor Temple was also dedicated to the god Amun. Much of the temple core was built by the pharaoh Amenhotep III and then was added to over the years by other kings including Ramesses II.

Karnak Temples

The ancient name for Karnak was Ipet Isut, 'The Most Select of Places'. Although a major part of the vast site is occupied by the Great Temple of Amun, temples were also built here for other Egyptian gods including Amun's consort Mut and the lunar deity Khonsu - the other members of a triad of gods worshipped at ancient Thebes.

Temple of Ramesses IIThe Great Temple of Ramesses II

The New Kingdom pharaoh Ramesses II (ruled 1279-1212 BC) embarked on many monumental building projects including his Great Temple at Abu Simbel in the south of Egypt. Valley of the KingsThe temple was carved out of a hillside next to the Nile and dedicated to the gods Amun, Ptah and Re-Horakhty. However, it was also a tribute to the power and military might of Egypt and the divine pharaoh himself.

The Valley of the Kings

The burial place of the pharaohs of the New Kingdom. Anemone FishTo date, more than 62 tombs have been identified. ThistlegormMost of the tombs were cut into the limestone following a similar patternthree corridors, an antechamber and a sunken sarcophagus chamber. These catacombs were harder to rob and were more easily concealed.

Diving Red Sea With its pristine coral reefs, countless species of fish and numerous wrecks, the Red Sea is a fantastic dive destination.

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