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Final Statistics: Alex & Maz Total distance: 93,550km
Furthest Point: Rotorua, NZ Now settled in Sydney, Australia
Final Statistics: Martin Total distance: 79,698km
Furthest Point: Hobart, Australia Now settled in Bristol, UK


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Arrive:Sat 22nd Jul 06Depart:Sat 19th Aug 06
Days:28Approx km:7000
Capital: JakartaCurrency: Rupiah (IDR)
Weekend: Sat/SunTime Zone: GMT +7 to +9
Int. dial code:+62Language: Bahasa Indonesian, Javanese, Sundanese, Dutch
Visa Required: YesReligion: Sunni Muslim, Christian
Side of road:LeftBest time to visit: May-Oct
Diesel Price: US$ 0.18Activities: Sightseeing, Temples, Diving, Trekking

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East Timor

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Country Highlights En RouteLake Toba

Lake Toba

In the midst of Sumatra's tropical jungles infested with mosquitos and urban jungles infested with smog, Lake Toba stands out as a jewel: a temperate ecological zone with cool, sometimes crisp air and quietness on demand. Lake Toba, in Indonesia's North Sumatra Province, is Sumatra's main attraction and among the most idyllic spots in Southeast Asia. The lake is among the deepest crater lakes in the world. It rests in the crater of one of Sumatra's many volcanos. The 650 square mile lake is almost 1500 feet deep. The climate is cool and dry and steep, scenic mountain slopes surround the lake.


Borobudur is the largest Buddhist monument in South-East Asia. Some scholars believe that the site was originally intended as a Hindu temple, but was converted to a Buddhist monument after construction had begun. The pathway up the temple spirals around the centre so that the pilgrim may view over a kilometre of bas-reliefs depicting events found in Buddhist sutras and in the Buddha's life. The form of the temple is rather unique for its age.

Prambanan Temple CompoundsPrambanan Temple Compounds

Built in the 10th century, this is the largest temple compound dedicated to Shiva in Indonesia. Rising above the centre of the last of these concentric squares are three temples decorated with relief's illustrating the epic of the Ramayana, dedicated to the three great Hindu divinities (Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma) and three temples dedicated to the animals who serve them.


Located in the Sunda Strait, 40 km off the west coast of Java on the island of Rakata. At its peak, Krakatoa reached a height of 790 m (2,600 ft.) above sea level. Its first known eruption occurred in 416 A.D. However, this eruption destroyed the volcano of Krakatoa, which collapsed and formed a 4-mile wide caldera. The eruption was heard from Phillippines, Alice Springs, Rodriquez Island and Madagascar. The power of its eruption was estimated to 21,547.6 atom bomb multiplied. The ash hail produced by the eruption caused obstruction of the view to the sun, so that it created a spectacular view as if the sun was almost gone.


The islands of the Indonesian archipelago stretch from the Asian mainland into the Pacific Ocean. The Bali Sea, Flores Sea, Banda Sea and Sulawesi Sea (Celebes Sea) offer some of the best diving opportunities in this expansive underwater wonderland. Straddling the equator with the Indian Ocean to the east and Pacific Ocean to the west, Indonesia boasts the most diverse waters in the world. Komodo & RincaOver 3,000 fish species and 450 species of coral, steep walls, deep water trenches, underwater volcanic mountains, World War II wrecks, and an endless variety of macro life.

Komodo & Rinca

These two small islands sandwiched between Flores and Sumbawa in eastern Nusa Tenggara are famous for their four-legged inhabitants - the ponderous Komodo dragons. The lizards can be quite fierce, and range from 20g (0.7oz) pipsqueaks to 130kg (287lb) monsters. Komodo is a hilly desolate island, but Rinca's wildlife is fairly abundant - there are several monkey colonies, wild water buffalo, deer, bush turkeys and eagles.

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I will see if I can find you a boat to dive from around Komodo !
Nice project, we carried cargo for Care during the Tsunami see our link at
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