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Final Statistics: Alex & Maz Total distance: 93,550km
Furthest Point: Rotorua, NZ Now settled in Sydney, Australia
Final Statistics: Martin Total distance: 79,698km
Furthest Point: Hobart, Australia Now settled in Bristol, UK


Written by overland-underwater team. Uploaded 8 April 2005.



Wipac are a highly regarded manufacturer of driving lamps, spot lights and wiper blades, of which they have generously offered us a selection. Our trucks will look like something out of Close Encounters by the time we set off, thanks Wipac!


Peli Products UK were kind enough to supply the expedition with a selection of their Peli cases. Well known for their reliability, performance and durability, with the legendary "you break it - we replace it" guarantee (excludes shark bite, bear attack and children under five!) perfect for use in the harshest of operating conditions... now that sounds like a challenge for the team!


BOC Guildford, were kind enough to include our nominated charity CARE International in their 2005 Christmas charity collection in order to help us towards our target and raised a staggering GBP 2060. A BIG THANK YOU goes out to all at BOC in Guildford for their superb efforts


MaGlobe provide a pre-paid internet access service with local call access from more countries than any other service we could find (all countries except Iran!). We offered to thoroughly test the system for them and they have generously offered us a LOT of free internet time. Thanks to them we have no excuse if we're slack on writing our diaries!

AB Maritime

Arab Bridge Maritime operate a fast and reliable passenger and vehicle ferry service between Aqaba (Jordan) and Nuweibah (Egypt). They have generously offered passage for ourselves and our vehicles on this route.

Rainforest Challenge

Luis Wee founder of the Rainforest Challenge for donating a fantastic prize to be raffled off in aid of CARE International... two spaces to join the 2006 Rainforest Challenge (25th Nov 06 - 4th Dec 06) as a Touring Adventurer (Spectator).


Insight Marine Services in Singapore for taking care of all the organisation of the complicated task of shipping our vehicles and ourselves from Singapore to Sumatra, Indonesia.

AP Valves

AP Valves are manufacturers of the leading Buddy range of BCDs and other scuba diving accessories. They have offered to send us some new equipment and to service our existing equipment free of charge.


Margnor (Fasteners) Ltd supplied us with a huge number of nuts, bolts, washers, grommets, jubilee clips, widgets, thingummyjigs and doodahs. They liked Alex's visits so much that they refused to take his money any more (or gave him a stock to make him go away, we're not sure which).

Robens Institute

The Robens Institute generously waived the charge for the multitudinous vaccinations for the team.

Laptop Safe

Laptop Safe custom-made some security cages to perfectly fit our Peli cases to provide extra security for our camera stuff etc. Quality engineering job done and no charge to us - thank you very much!


Sartech have lent us an Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon ("EPIRB") for the duration of our trip. We hope that we'll never need to use it!

James Bryan Opticians

James Bryan Opticians have kindly offered the team sunglasses so that they won't need to fix our eyeballs after months of driving in the deserts and the Himalayas. Cheers Jim!


Co-ordSport is a well established and successful motorsports and performance parts wholesaler/retailer. They have offered us some JR Air Filters and cleaning solutions, which should give better performance than stock and being cleanable means they are perfect for those dusty environments.

Time for Citizenship

Time for Citizenship made a generous donation to Care International in return for us distributing some promotional pens to children in Eastern Europe and Turkey.


Lind Electronics kindly upgraded a power adapter for Alex's computer and shipped it out to Egypt for him when he had problems with electrical doodahs on his car and broke the one he had before :)


Garmin came to the rescue when our GPS suffered a breakage. Via a number of calls, emails and a pick up by Maz's brother, we had the replacement part couriered over to us when Damien visited in India. Thankyou for your great customer service

The Stoke Pub, Guildford

Offered us a discounted rate for booking their function room for our leaving party. We appreciate the gesture and everyone had a good time!


Roundhouse Entertainment gave us a special rate on a DJ for our leaving party. Thanks Roundhouse!


GraphicMaps.com have kindly given us permission to use their maps on our website.

Cameras Underwater

Cameras Underwater were very helpful when they received an urgent call for help after one of my Sea & Sea strobes flooded. They quickly supplied all the replacement parts for Max to courier over. Thankyou for your great customer service

mro software

The guys at my old company mro software were very helpful when they heard that our HP laptop had given up and died. They arranged for a spare laptop to be donated to the cause, which was couriered out to us by Rob when we met up in Bangkok. A BIG thanks to all the guys there that made that happen and allowed us to get back onto website admin and diary writing!


ARB have been extremely helpful when we reported some running issues we were having with their Old Man Emu suspension which is fitted to both vehicles. Even though we've been running a shade over the operating tolerances, they have been in regular contact to help source some replacement shock absorbers, which proved tricky as we were never in one place/country for long. Many thanks Lachlan for all your help in getting us back up and running

The Empire Hotel

The Empire Hotel have very kindly helped us by donating prizes in our Brunei 'Lucky Draw'

Sheraton Utama

Sheraton Utama have very kindly helped us by donating prizes in our Brunei 'Lucky Draw'

Dharma Lautan Utama

The ferry company Dharma Lautan Utama for kindly helping us negotiate the longest (35hrs) of our many Indonesian water crossing, by arranging the ferry from Makassar, Sulawesi to Surabaya, Java and treating us to a VIP cabin

Cost Effective Maintenance

Cost Effective Maintenance for kindly supplying a range of their engine maintenance products to give our engine a thorough internal spa to help improve our fuel efficiency for the long trip around Australia. We've definitely noticed a great improvement in fuel economy

Speedy Wheels Australia

Speedy Wheels Australia for coming to our rescue and helping to supply a full set of steel wheels to replace the US Wheels which were continually cracking under the load.


Diver Sport Center

Sergej Valerijev of Diver Sport Center in Rovinj, Croatia.

Nadi Scuba

Nadi of Nadi Scuba in Rovinj, Croatia for a great dive on the Baron Gautsch.

Nautica Hvar

Dorota of Nautica Hvar on Hvar Island in Croatia offered us some great wreck diving!

Diving Center Marina

Dragan of Diving Center Marina in Montenegro who sorted us out some nice wreck diving

C&C Scuba Diving

Corinna Siegle & Cahit of C&C Scuba Diving in Kalkan, Turkey for the diving, lots of food and many cups of tea.

Aqua Age

Bulent Genc of Aqua Age for the diving in Kemer, Turkey. No thanks for all the raki!

Royal Diving Club

Royal Diving Club for some surprisingly nice shore diving on their house reef near Aqaba, Jordan.

Sinai Divers

Andree of Sinai Divers in Dahab, Egypt for arranging our dive at the blue hole.


Wolfgang of SeaMax Diving Centre in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt for the diving, the barbecue and letting us stay in his home.

Blue Heaven Holidays

Constanze Conrad and Ayman H. Taher of Blue Heaven Holidays in Marsa Alam, Egypt for their kind welcome and great evening chats. www.blueheavenholidays.com

King Snefro

King Snefro in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt for some great Red Sea diving and donating the whole week's liveaboard's Nitrox proceeds to Care International!

Barracuda Diving

Thanks to Venkat at Barracuda Diving at the Goa Marriott Resort, Goa, India for a good day's diving.

Barefoot Scuba

Barefoot Scuba in the Andaman Islands, India for the diving and a great fundraising effort on behalf of CARE International.

Earthbound Expeditions

Earthbound Expeditions organised a 6-day trek for us in the Annapurna region of Nepal with guide and porters.

Kolanta Diving Center

Christian from Kolanta Diving Center for an excellent and relaxing stay on Ko Lanta, Thailand with a great days diving.

Scuba Cat

Pip Gower of Scuba Cat in Phuket, Thailand for hosting the team on a liveaboard to the Similan Islands and diving from Phuket

Aqua Vision

Andy of Aqua Vision in Krabi, Thailand for looking after the team when we visited Krabi.

Siam Adventure Divers

Patrick Cotter of Siam Adventure Divers in Khao Lak, Thailand for hosting the team on a fantastic liveaboard to the Burma Banks. Also a huge thanks for donating a superb prize to be raffled off... two spaces aboard their liveaboard for 4 days of diving around the Similans. At only £10 a ticket you can enter as many times as you wish… GOOD LUCK

Black Tip Diving

Shalini Negi of Black Tip Diving in Koh Tao, Thailand for inviting the team across to Koh Tao for some diving and relaxation. A BIG thanks for the 140ukp donation to CARE

Mermaid's Dive Centre

Sue Horwood of Mermaid's Dive Centre in Pattaya, Thailand for getting us wet on some of Thailands wrecks :o)

Big Blue Diving

Thanks to Big Blue Diving in Koh Tao, Thailand for the turtles, sharks and rays.

Jungle Trekker Holidays

Richard of Jungle Trekker Holidays for organising our own version of the Rainforest Challenge and getting well and truely stuck in the mud of Thailand. Many thanks also for your kind hospitality and letting us spend a few nights at your home whilst doing some running repairs to the car. www.jungletrekkerholidays.com. A HUGE thanks also for your very kind donation of 150ukp to CARE International.


Jeff from MORE (Malaysian Off Road Explorer) for looking after us in Malaysia and guiding us into the rainforest for some off roading and bush camping. Jeff has been extremely helpful in organising things for us in Malaysia, so a BIG thanks to him from the team

Coral Sky Divers

Erika Antoniazzo from Coral Sky Divers for a great and relaxing time in Pulau Perhentian off the east coast of Malaysia. Thankyou for an enjoyable 2nd wedding anniversary and a massive THANKYOU to Coral Sky Divers and all who dived during the charity 'Dive for CARE' day when an amazing 100ukp was raised..!!

Eco Divers

Michelle and Jeffree from Eco Divers for their extremely friendly dive centre at ABC on Pulau Tioman off the east coast of Malaysia. Jeffree has to be the most easy going fun loving dive operators there is and everyone is sure to enjoy their relaxed company. We really enjoyed participating in the 'Crown of Thorns' cleanup weekend. A HUGE thanks to Eco-Divers for their fantastic GBP60 donation to CARE.

B&J Diving Centre

Martin Ritter from B&J Diving Centre for looking after us when we visited Pulau Tioman off the east coast of Malaysia. A special thanks for the tow back from diving after our boat suffered a small engine misbehaviour!!

Scuba-Tech International

Scuba-Tech International for looking after us when we unexpectedly visited Brunei and allowed us our long overdue fix of rusty metal on some superb wreck divers..!!

Divers Lodge Lembeh

Rob and Linda from Divers Lodge Lembeh for letting us stay at their extremely relaxed lodge and showing us the same personal service they treat all of their guests to and of course taking us beneath the waves to the bizarre underwater alien world that is Lembeh Strait!

Eco Divers

Jim and Cary from Eco Divers for making our long windy drive up to Manado well worth all the effort. We were treated to the best of two worlds... superb wall diving in the national marine park of Bunaken and visiting the wierd world of Lembeh Strait for some unsurpassed MUCK diving! A huge thanks also for arranging our stay at the fantastic Tasik Ria Resort in Manado and then the infamous Kungkungan Bay Resort in Lembeh Strait

Tasik Ria Resort, Manado

Danny from Tasik Ria Resort, Manado, for two nights of complete luxury and indulgence which were more than 5* up from our normal camp accomodation!

Kungkungan Bay Resort, Lembeh Strait

Steve and Miranda from Kungkungan Bay Resort, Lembeh Strait, for a few days of paradise and the best room in the resort with superb views across the strait.

Kararu Dive Voyages

Lisa and the team from Kararu Dive Voyages for a fantastic opportunity to join them on an amazing exploratory 13 night live-aboard around the Banda Sea, Indonesia.


Reefseekers for donating a superb diving package in the Komodo National Park for us to raffle off, watch our home page for details.

FreeFlow Diving

FreeFlow Diving in East Timor for great diving outside Dili and lots of info on what's REALLY going on in the country!

Allan Powers Dive Tours

Allan Powers Dive Tours for showing us the incredible diving around Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu, especial the fabulous wreck of the SS President Coolidge. A superb place to go diving

The Beachfront Resort

The Beachfront Resort for their generous hospitality and making our small holiday 'away from life on the road' a real treat and a one to remember

Solomon Airlines

Solomon Airlines for helping us jet of to explore Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu

In addition we would like to thank the following people without whose help the planning of the trip would have been much more difficult, or the fundraising less successful (in alphabetical order):

Nahed Al-Gazaz, Pranab Bhadra, Zoran Birimisa, Niamh Bresnihan, Susan Burrell, Marion Creagh, Tomi Dolenc, Stefaniya Duncheva, Siavash Farhangi, Mandy Hensman, Imran Hussain, Gary Jones, Damien Kelly, Siobhan Kelly, Behnam Koleili, Svetla Kostova, Carolyn Medland, Rachel Mercer, Emma Nicholson, Bas Poppink, Shazia Rahman, Elise Roders, Relina Ruan, Hikmet Sevdican, Ken Srisutraporn at EQHO Communications Ltd, Branko Tadic, Kerry Tuckett, Rowena Vale, Anna Vaughan, Davorka Vunic, Prill Walshaw, Jac White, Rob Whyte, Kylie Williams

If we forgot anyone we're really sorry, please let us know and we'll add you!

We'd also like to thank the following companies for their generous donations to the raffle at our fundraising leaving do (in no particular order):

Purple Labs, Molton Brown, Jo Shmo's, Waterstones, Mexx, O'Neill's, Pizza Express, Tesco, Spectrum, Bar Ha Ha!, Lakeland, The Pier, David Steel, Loch Fyne Restaurant, Sussex Stationers & Bookstore, MRO

We'd also like to thank the following companies for their generous donations for our Brunei 'Lucky Draw' (in no particular order):

The Empire Hotel, The Sheraton Hotel - Utama, Sugar & Spice, The Mall Cineplex

Finally the following people or organisations we met along the route also deserve thanks for their help:

Croatia: Autocamp Peros in Zaton for advice on what to see and do in the area.
Montenegro: Goran from Triftar his help organising the Tara River rafting
Bulgaria: The Hill family for their kind welcome at their home in Sofia
Egypt: May Elsoda of CARE Egypt in Beni Suef. Fayek F. El Rezeiky of Rezeiky Camp in Luxor.
Iran: The girls from Kerman for the wine, the rave and the accommodation on what would have been a cold camping night. No names but you know who you are!
Pakistan: Basically everyone we met through the Offroad Club Karachi! There are too many of you to name but we love you all. Major Tanveer of the Frontier Corps for making our Balochistan trip possible.
India: Arun Varma in Amritsar for his welcome. Bubbles and Mrs. Bubbles of Amritsar for the barbecue and welcome in their home. Froagh Ahmed Jami and Alok Rathore of CARE India. Neeraj Pathania for coming to our rescue and treating us to true indian hospitality.
China: Mark our guide for putting up with our antics (ps sorry about Max ;o)
Laos: Xong for showing us the real Laos - an amazing experience!
Cambodia: Hear Bunla for talking about the HIV & AIDS projects CARE International does in Cambodia
Thailand: Anchalee for organising a fantastic field trip around the CARE International Tsunami projects in Thailand
Malaysia: Zaiham Family: Jeff for his excellent hospitality and treating us like family; Shima for some superb home cooked food and cakes to die for; Jazli & Syamim for giving up their beds and letting us stay :o) Assir (aka 1 dollar) for arranging our shipping at the last minute and his hospitality for letting us stay at his home and dining us every evening - nice satay! Luis Wee (founder of the Rainforest Challenge) for donating such an exciting prize to be raffled off for CARE. Stiven Sim (One of the Petronas Adventure Team) for looking after us at his 4x4 workshop. Faruk (Another of the Petronas Adventure Team) for his excellent advice regarding our onward journey around Borneo. Karamul for looking after us in Kota Kinabulu.
Brunei: Paul and Alison for their kind hospitality, letting us stay, showing us around and letting us relax at the Yacht Club. And a BIG thank you for all their help in running the Brunei 'Lucky Draw' which raised a great GBP300, it is really appreciated. Abdul Yusrin Salleh for letting us stay with the Scuba-Tech staff. Farid Abdullah & the Princesses for letting us use the Empire Hotel as our second home and playground :o) The Brunei 4x4 club for entertaining us, doing a bit of sightseeing and giving up to date advice on Kalimantan. Mo Radwan & Hjh Zaidah from Sugar & Spice for treating us to a fantastic Arabic feast... a real flash back to our days in the Middle East
Indonesia: Sapta, Benny, Fahmi, John, Hairil & the guys for letting us tag along and follow you into Kalimantan - many thanks, we'd have been incredibly lost (and probably still there!) without you! Sapta and family for letting us stay a few nights with you in Palangkaraya and giving the car a thorough good washing! Edy, Dewi and family for your delightful hospitality during our stay in Banjarmasin - many thanks for the excellent souvenirs which will take pride of place. Uvan for arranging our ferry from Balikpapan, Kalimantan to Palu, Sulawesi - even though you weren't in shipping as we'd assumed when we were given your contact details - just a fellow 4x4 enthusiast!Jefry of Ud. Sentosa Jaya Motor for looking after Tinfish when we arrived a little forlorn in Manado. Swartin, Moses, Anti and especially Bertin Bedang for finding us in our rooftop tent in the delightful Toraja then through sign language insisting we stay with them the following night in their traditional tongkonan house an unforgettable experience. Ahyar for your kind help during our brief visit to Makassar, Sulawesi as we waited for our next ferry to Surabaya, Java. Boy for all your help as we arrived in Surabaya, Java after a grueling ferry crossing... our longest yet and hopefully of the trip. Maria and Ronald at Care International Indonesia for Martin's visit to the BERSIH project in the Jakarta suburbs. Butet Luhcandradini for looking after Martin in Bali and trying her best to get press coverage for the team. Andy Taylor of Absolute Scuba for sending on the kit that Martin stupidly left behind! Reefseekers in Flores/Komodo for another superb prize for us to raffle off in aid of Care. Edwin at Lavalon Bar and Guesthouse in Kupang for great tourist info and free internet!
East Timor: Henry at 231 Backpackers for putting up with Martin's kit all over the place while cleaning the car for Aussie quarantine. Wayne and Ann at FreeFlow Diving for great stories, great dives and many beers, hope to do it again, I felt really welcome! The Dutch Pickle for his help in cleaning Tinfish and keeping us sane when we collapsed back to the backpackers.
Australia: Chrissie for allowing us to escape Darwin whilst we waited on Tinfish being repaired and treated us to a few weeks staying with her in Sydney. Justin & Kristie for letting us chill out and stay at Parry Creek Farm whilst sharing a few beers, some excellent food and a few good travelling yarns before we set off down the Gibb River Road. Paul and Pam for the cappuccino at the best kitted out ranger station in the middle of no where. Wayne who we met fishing at Steep Point, WA for his generous handout of fresh, filleted and frozen Spanish Mackerel - they were delicious! Kirsty and Hamish for letting us stay with them in Perth over New Years, even though they already had friends staying they very kindly squeezed us in :o) Thanks to Phil & Tess who we had a great time with in Denmark. Thanks also to the fisherman we meet at Emu Point, Albany for his kind gift of a gigantic deep sea crab and lobster - fantastic tucker!

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